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This challenge is for all of us who fell in love with Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian and Adrian in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy Series.

The spin-off series which would be launched with the release of Bloodlines on August 23, 2011 features Sydney, Adrian, Jill and Eddie. And of course, just like every VA reader, I am definitely excited to read it. And if you still don’t know, there is an official Facebook fanpage for Bloodlines and all your fellow VA lovers are waiting for you there.

Also, we would love you all the more if you’d like that page because everyone is also hoping to see Jill’s book trailer (and that major plot scene) earlier than what was originally planned. The point is, we want this particular page to get 10, 000 likes to see Jill’s trailer early and we’re down to needing less than a thousand. We need 20, 000 likes before August 23, 2011 to see that major plot reveal. Maybe, you’re the ones we were all waiting for. So go ahead and like the page, yes? 🙂

Here are the book trailers that have been released:

and as teaser for what we all wanted to see:

The 10/20 Bloodlines Challenge Poster

Aren’t you excited? Why don’t you spread the word as well? 🙂