About Raine

Rhea Lorraine “Raine” Lorenzo is currently on an endless ride aboard the Loop Express contemplating on whose fictional lives she would mess up next. She is also planning on unleashing more mythical creatures into her world of imaginary characters.

No, really. She is an overweight 20-something year-old who lives with her family, a dog, a guinea pig, four lovebirds and occasional stray cats in Cavite, Philippines.

She is the creator of six works: His Great Love (poem), Give Chocolate My Love (short story), Love, Jane (short story-ongoing), A Merman’s Tale (novel-ongoing), Secret Diaries (novel-completed, editing), and Love Letter (novel-ongoing). None of her works are available in print. You can access her stories by checking out her wattpad profile: http://www.wattpad.com/user/rainelorenzo

Hobbies: Reading, writing, surfing the net, listening to music, collecting paper cups, tissue paper and key chains.

Skill: Writing

Talent: Writing

Personality: Introvert

I know I’m boring.


I arranged the links and pages for this blog so you can navigate through my thoughts easily. Here’s how you can go through it:

The categories widget is entitled “Thought Chambers” and it lists five categories. I’d say the most active among them would be the Random Thoughts category. I also post Reviews once in a while. The Not My Thoughts Exactly category basically has the blog posts I had when I first set up this blog (mostly about Organizational Communication and Social Media) and not quite as active. 🙂

The easiest way to go through my blog, however, is by checking out the tabs/pages I created just for you.

Raineviews contain all my review posts. Mostly are movie and drama reviews.

Raine the Writer has all the links about the stories I write and some added tidbits about them.

Rainethoughts are the posts that are in the Reactions/Random Thoughts categories. They are my personal experiences and ideas.

So there, I hope this helps! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for linking my blog!

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