I have always been the type of person who observed, never cared and kept quiet. And so sometimes, people think that I’m timid and that once I get scolded or called to the office, I’d break down and cry. Honestly, that’s exactly what I wanted to do every time.

It’s just that the thing is, I don’t usually care long enough to shed my tears. You can berate me all you want and I’d simply listen and let you have your say. But I don’t think I’d allow you, someone I’ve never even had an intellectual conversation with, to make me cry. You are not that important to me. And just so we understand each other, I’ll let you know that I’ve cried so many times over books, Japanese/Korean dramas, and movies. Heck, I’d cry over my pets a heck of a lot more than I’d cry because of you.

You might have been able to shake me, you might have made me panic, and you might have scared me, but it will never be enough to move me. I am not a slave to your superiority–or more accurately, your tyranny.