Love Letter

After a heartbreaking involvement with Quarter-To-Five’s keyboardist and an unfortunate incident with the same group’s vocalist, Grace Enriquez has decided to stay as far away as possible from Heartlake City’s favorite band. Their vocalist, however, doesn’t seem to understand what she wants and here he is, disturbing what is supposedly a peaceful summer before she started college. Really, which part of ‘no’ can he not understand?

Matt Harlow’s first love has come back to town. He wants to see her but his friends won’t let him. Granted, she has caused him so much pain five years ago but it was all in the past, and he is finally supposed to move on after talking to his ex. If only he has not agreed to a stupid bet instigated by his friends. He doesn’t want anything to do with that girl who always wears a pair of red shoes but here he is, trying to get her to cooperate with him so his friends would stop bothering him. Why can’t she just say ‘yes’ so he can put his plans in motion?


Read the story here:



The photo used in the cover is in no way a property of the author. I found it via Google Images and used only for creative purposes. Credit belongs to the person/s who owned the photo.

Here’s another cover that somehow matches that of Secret Diaries. Again it’s by my friend, Katherine Nobleza:

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