Polka dots! Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know.

It’s the 8th of January already and I should be blogging more often. I guess for now I have to resort to one post a month since well, I’ve got to go to work.

2012 was a roller coaster for me and I couldn’t be any more thankful. I got to finish a book (not the best one out there [yet] but hey I’ll get there), got myself a job and got to watch The Phantom of the Opera live. So you see, I’ve gotten myself a lot of blessings last year. 😉

2013 Planner [which will turn into a journal]

What I look forward to in 2013 is for me to develop my writing more and to find a goal that suits me best. I’d also love to travel this year–out of the country or somewhere south of the Philippines. Oh, and of course, watching the Les Miserables film which was to be shown here in our country at a later date than December 25. Argh! January 16, please come faster! =)

I’m still writing my stories although at a much slower pace but really, the day I got myself into it, I knew I’d never stop. So…I’ll get back here next month, okay? And check out my stories at Wattpad, please?