It had not been intentional, I tell you, that I ended up supremely busy (at least in my mind) for the entire month of September. I guess I can say that the reason I haven’t been able to write anything for last month is the fact that my emotions went through quite a raging whirlwind.

You see, the world tour of The Phantom of the Opera has just arrived in Manila. I have always wanted to see it live and now that they’re here, I couldn’t let opportunity pass. I struggled to find the money I need to buy the tickets and went fangirling during my spare time. I watched lots of Phantom-related clips and listened to the songs for hours on end. It was a moth of addiction for me.

And then for some insane reason, my friend was able to convince me to go on a job hunt. I went with her mostly because I knew I needed a job already (more than a year of joblessness isn’t a very good record for anyone) and because I am so easy to drag around.

We walked around the business district of Makati, passing resumes, going to interviews and then going online to pass more resumes.

I had several failed interviews and I don’t wish to discuss them anymore but there had also been good ones. I was able to land a job as an Executive Assistant and although it isn’t exactly the most fabulous job in the world, I knew I would learn a lot from it. I’m excited to reflect on the changes in me after about a year of working.

My view on weekdays.

I can say that I am the kind of person who learns by experience and now that I have moved on to another chapter in my life, I knew there would be a lot of things in store for me–some nice, some not. One can never really be prepared for big changes (you always get surprised no matter how much you anticipate things) but I guess it all boils down to how you’re going to adapt and accept these changes.

My motto right now? Make the best out of every single day of your life.

Don’t wallow too much on what was already done and always look forward to the future with optimism. Yes, yes, I know. I’m the number one pessimist in the family but hey, I struggle to be optimistic once in a while.

Since I am no longer a ‘bum’ at home, my biggest challenge is how I’d be able to make time for my writing. I’m still in the adjustment period, but one thing’s for sure. I’m not giving up on my stories.