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I am a devoted romance reader and had been reading love stories since Cinderella. If there is one thing I hope to happen when reading books, it is definitely to fall in love.


The first romance book I have ever read is a Harlequin romance entitled, “Taming The Shiek” by Carol Grace. I like it a lot mostly because despite the adult characters, it did not need a sex scene to be effective. And to think it was categorized by Harlequin as a Sexy Romance.


When I was fourteen, I got swept into the world of Historical Romance by Johanna Lindsey’s “Man of My Dreams. Since then, I’ve always been fascinated by lords and ladies.


I love reading romance series. The first one I’ve completed was Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series with eight books in all. It’s about a family of eight siblings, their names arranged alphabetically. Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth.


I have another book series (the one that introduced me to romance series) which now has ten. They are beloved books and have characters that are really very interesting. It’s the Malory Novels which are now combined with the Anderson books because of intermarriage.


The only contemporary romance series that I currently enjoy is the Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Those who are familiar with my first Heartlake story, “Secret Diaries” would notice that this is the same series that Rachelle got as a present from her father.


Other romance authors that I love are Judith McNaught (she only has six historicals but all of them are really good ones) and Julie Garwood (who writes the best Scottish warrior-English bride romances).


I’ve only read three and a half Nicholas Sparks novels. Half because I still haven’t finished reading “Message in a Bottle”. I’ve also read James Patterson’s “Sam’s Letters to Jennifer” as well as David Levithan’s “Lover’s Dictionary”. I intend to read Daniel Handler’s “Why We Broke Up”. There are only a handful of male authors who would venture into love stories and it is an awesome way to get balance between male and female romance authors (although I am still female author biased).


I don’t have a favorite romance novel heroine but my favorite heroes will always be Jason Fielding (Once and Always by Judith McNaught), Ian Thornton (Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught), James Malory (Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey), Anthony Bridgerton (The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn), Brodick Buchanan (Ransom by Julie Garwood), and Calvin James Bonner (Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips). Sorry guys, can’t choose.


All the romance novels that I have ever read has made me cry (or at the very least, made my heart twist with so much emotion). I always think that it’s one important element of a romance novel. It should make a reader feel a wide range of emotions.


My favorite quote is from one of my favorite romance authors. She mentioned several times in different books that “Life’s a bitch”. I couldn’t agree more.


“When male authors write love stories, the heroine tends to wind up dead.”-Ain’t She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips