Today, Filipinos all over the world mourn for the death of a man who had touched the lives of many of his countrymen and had made millions laugh with the movies and TV shows he made that spanned several decades.

He is an icon in Philippine show business and although I couldn’t say that I have followed him for most of his career, I have to say that if there was another thing that defined my childhood TV habits aside from cartoons, anime and long-running teleseryes, it was Home Along Da Riles.

Mang Cosme and his family, I must say, had not only made me laugh but the Filipino values presented in the show had been instilled in me. I guess life in the 90s wouldn’t be complete without ever watching a single episode of the TV show. I don’t remember much of the story (most of what I remember were snippets) but I can clearly say that my childhood was memorable because I’ve watched Home Along Da Riles (I even sang the theme song, you know).

Aside from this sitcom, one film that I distinctly remember is his movie with Serena Dalrymple where I cried when they sang APO Hiking Society’s Batang Bata Ka Pa. I forgot the title and had to search for it in Google (It’s called Daddy O! Baby O!) but somehow that scene was etched in my mind like I only watched it recently.

To be honest, these are the only shows of Tito Dolphy that I could remember with a bit of clarity and I feel glad that somehow, sometime in my life, I got to watch some of his shows when he was still alive and kicking. He had a life well-lived and I am pretty sure that wherever he is now, he would be making everyone laugh just as he did when he was still with us.

*photo not mine*