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Today, I browsed the net for possible career opportunities related to writing. As I click through various links and buttons (which lead to my successful resume submission), I ended up answering a short evaluation test.

One such question is this:

How would you relate your key competencies to this position?

I do not know what spirit came to possess me but for some reason, this is how I answered that question:

Creative writing is a new-found passion for me. When I realized that I wanted to write, off I went and started writing a novel–even if I was not completely sure of what I was doing. I think young adults and teens provide a great set of interesting characters, thus, I decided to focus my writing about them. Being a member of an online writing community with a great number of teens and young adults to talk to allows me to understand myself and my fellow young adults–our anxieties, insecurities and dreams. It makes me more enthusiastic to write about people in that age bracket. It is almost as if I am simply narrating a story about myself.

 A degree in communication allowed me to develop an interest in the way people think and behave. We are trained to be resourceful in research, to find something interesting even in the most normal setups. We were made to understand people by theories but more so, our daily experiences in the university provided us with knowledge that may or may not disprove the theories we have learned. It gave us the chance to better equip ourselves with the ability to communicate our thoughts and opinions to the right target market using the right medium and communication channel. That, in itself, was always a welcome challenge.

 Time is also something that should be given as much value as possible. I give myself personal deadlines when it comes to the stories I write online because I know that I have readers who are waiting to read more. I believe that a story, no matter how interesting, becomes less valued when shared at the wrong moment because the timing was off. There is always a right time for every story to be published.

 Being a writer also requires me to be patient. This is not only because of the story I need to write but also because of the people I get to interact with. There were times when I try to avoid the questions that I get from my readers and online friends because I feel overwhelmed with the need to please them or make them like my story. However there were times when I get approached with a personal problem and I feel trusted somehow. Those kinds of moments make me realize that without an ability to be a patient listener, I never would learn and understand their thoughts, and never be able to find a good material for a story. After all, a writer cannot simply rely on personal experiences. There is always a need to listen and explore.

I know the entire passage doesn’t sound anything like a job application and it definitely makes me think that it will not, in any way, get me an interview (you know, the more dreaded job-hunting step where I usually fail). However, I find myself warming up to it because I felt it. It was something that came out of my mind because it was me and not some alter-ego dictating the right words to say so that I can get a job.

I don’t often get to write something I like so don’t blame me for wanting this here. 🙂

Best writer tools. 😉