So yeah, I’m most likely f*ckin’ late in reacting to this f*ckin’ guy called f*ckin’ Jimmy who was in a f*ckin’ video called f*ckin’ “20 Reasons I Dislike The Philippines “.

Oh my gosh, it took me about a minute longer to type that sentence up there because I had to add the word, f*ckin’. Anyway, allow me to give some thoughts about the video since I’m, well, a Filipino. 😉

1. I agree with most of the things in his list. The issues on traffic, construction and the comfort room, most especially. I love it when he said that everything in this f*ckin’ country is under construction. Soooooo true. 🙂

2. I also have to say this: The video hasn’t even shown the worst of the Philippines. He should have filmed it in Manila. It would be a hell of lot more disgusting. *shrugs*

3. What I don’t agree with is the way the entire video sort of condemned the entire country.

Okay, so maybe the Philippines really isn’t the most beautiful place in the world but hey, let’s not damn a whole nation because of some twenty things that clearly cannot override all the other reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines. If anything, I think English-speaking tourists should be thankful they are generally understood by Filipinos. You just gotta love that manong who was selling Jimmy that product for erectile dysfunction. Haha!

Other Asian countries wouldn’t care a f*ck if they don’t understand you. Bahala ka sa buhay mo! In this country, tourists who can speak and understand English would have no intense need to play charades with the natives. Gah, it was a pain when we went to Hong Kong and had to resort to pointing, grunting and monosyllabic dialogue just to get the Chinese waiter to understand us.

4. I also don’t like all that violent reaction the video got from narrow-minded Filipinos. Really, you people get angry so easily. Yes, he used a lot of “strong”, insulting words, and practically overused the word “f*ck”. It also annoyed the hell out of me.

But the thing is, the Filipinos should have reminded themselves that it’s a foreigner’s opinion (I have no idea what Jimmy’s nationality is. I’m guessing German-American.). They have a different sense of humor, they have their own slang, and most likely spit out the word f*ck as often as they breathe–you know, it’s just like the way conyos use the word “like”. The video was probably meant to hit us all in the head and remind us that we have tons of problems that need serious attention. After all, we have a tendency to complain and complain, then not do anything about it. :/

5. Just as I often tell myself, if I don’t like it, ignore it then forget about it. Some people really need to take this advice. Even Jimmy.

So yeah, here’s the video:


I don’t mind if he disliked the smaller pieces of paper napkins as long as it doesn’t have prints on it. If it does, I’m going to have to fight my way to get one before the tissue paper disappears. For my collection, you know. 🙂