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Hello there! It feels so good to be writing another part of this series of blog posts. 🙂 It honestly encourages me because it reminds me that I’m slowly getting to the end of my manuscript. You know, it gives off a sense of achievement.

Anyway, this is probably the second or third to the last “Behind the Playgirl” post. 🙂 To be completely honest, it gets harder for me to think of trivia to put mostly because I didn’t really want to be too much of a spoiler. Gah. I have no one else to tell all these secrets to and that’s why I am always so tempted to tell everyone about it. LOL

So here goes the next three hopefully interesting stuff:

1. The names of the establishments in Heartlake City are thought of based on whatever it is that suddenly pops into my mind. Say for example, I thought of RCL Tower because some buildings I know of were merely initials. Then I told myself, “Oh, my dad’s initials sound good as a name of a condominium/office building”. So there. Koizora was a film I was researching on while writing Chapter 25 and so it ended up a restaurant name. Random, I know. 😉

2. As of this moment, my favorite APSD character is Matt Harlow. Don’t ask. 😉

3. I intend for a total of four (five?) Heartlake novels. I guess it will be quite easy to guess who the characters would be.:D

Drawing by Krizcia Valente. How I wish I can draw like that and create a visual of my characters. XD