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A car accident puts Paige (McAdams) in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win her heart again.-IMDb

Director: Michael Sucsy

Production Companies: Screen Gems, Spyglass Entertainment, etc.

Main Characters:

Channing Tatum as Leo Collins
Rachel McAdams as Paige Collins

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 9 February 2012 (Australia); 10 February 2012 (Philippines)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


This is one of those movies best watched when you’re really, really, really in love. Haha!

Anyway, this movie’s trailer circulated facebook for months and I must admit, I anticipated the movie for reasons called Channing Tatum and Rachelle McAdams. 🙂 I think they’re two of the most good-looking people in this planet. Or at least in Planet Hollywood. 😛

Since I’m one of those loveless bastards every Valentine’s Day (or week/s), I am yet again confronted with my yearly dilemma: How to watch romantic flicks without feeling awkward as the cinemas were filled with lovesick couples. And again, my yearly solution would always be: watch with family or friends. Yup, watching in groups always makes the experience more bearable. 😀

And this year, I ended up watching with three of my college girl friends. Our initial plan was to watch Daniel Radcliffe’s Woman in Black. Sheesh, how did we end up watching a romance? Unfortunately, the Mall of Asia had stopped showing Dan’s film to give way to other new releases so the night before our meet-up, we crammed our decision regarding which film to watch. And so, we chose Channing Tatum The Vow.

Turns out, despite being the weekend after Valentine’s Day, couples still wanted to celebrate. The mall, particularly the cinemas, was filled with human beings to the point that the spaces which were normally unoccupied, now had people in them. :/ (And hooray for MOA’s new MRT-like passes for the cinemas. I just hope they don’t eliminate the tickets completely. I use them for souvenirs.)

Okay. So on with the movie.

I love how things started off with a bang. And I mean a bang. I’m not one to give away anything essential to the film so I’m going to leave that part hanging. The beginning happened fast, and my short attention span loved it. 😀

It used simple story-telling, with a few flashbacks to make things clear and less confusing, then most other stuff were related/revealed via dialogue. I don’t mind, I really don’t, so don’t get me wrong here. I just have to warn those who are yet to watch it that the movie is sweet and lovely (with a few surprises here and there) but please don’t expect anything spectacular about it. It’s a story about love that actually happened in real life so don’t wish for too much drama or fairy tale-like events.

My wish to look for stories told extraordinarily is completely satisfied by The Vow. Okay, so maybe memory loss is considered dramatic and not at all simple (yeah, and Paige’s case is not so common–except in dramas?) but I think that the movie’s focus on Leo’s character more than the circumstances is the one that made it extraordinary.

As I told my friends, “Iba talaga ang tama ‘pag lalaki ang dehado sa relationship (what I meant in english: It really has a different effect if it’s the guy who’s having a hard time trying to save the relationship)”. You see, most movies, dramas and books portray how it’s the girl who cries too much when trying to keep their relationship working. In this movie, I see a glimpse of how a man in love would react to something uncontrollable that’s trying to break his marriage. This kind of focus is also what I love in some of the romance books I’ve read. The chance to understand a man’s feelings (y’know, feelings that aren’t anger, indifference, sex, and the like).

Considering how the movie is based on a true story, I couldn’t possibly wish for a different outcome. I mean, hello, if the movie claimed to follow the true events then they might as well be loyal to it. Although, even if it wasn’t from a true-to-life story, I don’t think I’d want any change on it. It’s realistic enough so why make it overly dramatic which would just make people believe less in true love?

I think the script was written well (not too great but at least it’s not silly), nothing over the top nor completely lacking (at least to my taste) and the actors were excellent. It’s a movie made for the lead actors and the others were literally there to support–that much was clear. Wise move, I think. 🙂

All in all, I love it. If I had watched it alone, I’m sure I would have allowed the tears to fall. 🙂


I’m wanting to visit Chicago more and more. My favorite romance series written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips were about a fictional football team called the “Chicago Stars” and then I see this movie. It would be so nice to take a photo with The Bean (Cloud Gate) in the background. 🙂