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Thought this would suit as my Valentine’s Day post considering how my “love” life pretty much revolves around fictional stories. 😉

In the past few months I’ve been watching dramas like a lovesick lunatic. I haven’t gotten myself a job yet (so I’m still a certified home-buddy) mostly because I thought I would want to start come 2012. I wanted time to do all the crazy stuff I couldn’t do back in school, and watching dramas while writing stories were just some of them. I also had to help with planning my sister’s debut until late December. I didn’t want to enter the corporate world feeling like I still wanted to do something else. Granted, I couldn’t really erase that feeling but at least after almost a year, I’m pretty sure I’ll be more than ready to face a new challenge. And since it’s 2012, time to get a job! *Sadly, though, I haven’t gotten any call.*

Anyway, I just wanted to share some ideas about what makes a romantic drama pretty much memorable for me. Despite my No Boyfriend Since Birth status, I still think people who have been in a relationship would somehow agree with me. 🙂

1. Hug from the back. Not that a normal hug lacks the romance needed but there’s something about a hug from the back that makes my heart beat faster. For some reason, it makes me feel that the characters could depend on each other. I don’t know. 😛 (I just noticed–I don’t know if it’s just me–that it seems like this kind of scene is common in Japanese doramas.)

2. Kiss on the forehead. This might be something one would think shouldn’t be romantic considering the ‘elderly’ or ‘friendly’ impression but it still gives me the idea of a developing romance. As if it was friendly at first but is slowly becoming deeper.

3. Piggy back ride. Where the guy carries the girl, that is. It would be quite awkward if the girl carries the guy, won’t it? Anyway, I find it romantic mostly because it makes the male lead seem like a ‘superhero’. Deep inside, I think that it’s what every girl wants their guy to be. 🙂 (This one, I observed is common in Korean series.)

4. Surprise/Sudden Kiss. This is especially romantic if a guy does it in the middle of a ‘lovers’ quarrel’. You know, just to get the point across that yes, he loves the girl. End of argument. 😀

5. Head on the shoulder. I like it best when the girl or both of them are asleep. 🙂 This one, gives off a really sweet feeling despite the lack of ‘romantic’ kind of contact. There isn’t a kiss, there isn’t a hug but the love could still be felt. Or maybe, this is just me. Hohoho! XD

Of course, the ‘confession’ parts would always confirm the characters’ relationship and ultimately give the story its happy ending. 🙂

And because I couldn’t resist, here are some more memorable scenes for me:

Kiss in the rain ❤

Whisper through her ear ❤

Kiss by the sunset

Feel free to add more! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 🙂


I don’t own any of the photos except the first one up there. 😀