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Now, now. Please don’t panic because of the title. I have just given it much thought in the past few days and I’ve finally decided to push through with the idea.

I will no longer post snippets/previews of the stories I write (A Playgirl’s Secret Diaries & A Merman’s Tale) here in my blog. I will also change the visibility setting of the previously published chapters into private (starting today until you can no longer see them). I’ll probably keep the prologue and the first few chapters though. 🙂

There is no need to worry though, I shall continue to make the stories available through wattpad or inkpop with the same every other week schedule as I have been doing in the past few months. I decided to do this mostly because I thought it rather redundant to be leading my readers from one link to another instead of simply just giving you guys one place to check things through. Check the pages/tabs I’ve made with the synopsis and the links to where you can read the stories. 🙂

mythoughtprocesses.wordpress.com will remain my personal blog though. Most of the time you will see me posting my thoughts on various stuff such as movies, dramas (mostly asian) and hopefully, books. I will also continue posting some personal stories so I hope you continue supporting this blog. 🙂

Lots of love,