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Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover their new turf is not as deserted as it seems.-IMDb

Director: Mike Mitchell

Production Companies: Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises

Main Characters:

Jason Lee as David “Dave” Seville
David Cross as Ian Hawke
Jenny Slate as Zoe
Andy Buckley as Captain Correlli

Justin Long as Alvin Seville (speaking voice)
Matthew Gray Gubler as Simon Seville (speaking voice)
Jesse McCartney as Theodore Seville (speaking voice)
Christina Applegate as Brittany (speaking voice)
Anna Faris as Jeanette (speaking voice)
Amy Poehler as Eleanor (speaking voice)
Alan Tudyk as Simone (speaking voice)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Music

Release Dates: 14 December 2011 (Netherlands) ; 08 January 2012 (Philippines)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Had I not been with my friends at that time, I never would have watched this film in the cinemas. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t trying to tell everyone that the movie wasn’t any good. It’s just that it was family policy not to watch animated and/or plain (no CG effects) movies in the cinemas. Sometimes, we break that rule but for this one, we didn’t.

Anyway, this movie is the third of the franchise and just like with the other two, we watched this for the cuteness overload it offers (watch out for Theodore’s adorable scenes!). Again, it made us go back into our childish ways and regress on how we were as kids.

Best things about the movie:

It offered some food for thoughts and moral lessons. Sometimes, I get apprehensive of animated films these days because of the lack of story in it but I guess I need not have worried about this one. It told us about how kids could learn the value of responsibility. Alvin, in particular. I liked how his character showed that he wasn’t just a shallow kid who simply wanted to play and play some more.

The laugh-your- ass- out scenes. Goodness, the part where Simon had a change of personality cracked me up so much that I had a hard time stopping myself from laughing. I swear, Simon had the biggest impact on me when it came to this film. 🙂

Ian. In this film, you’ve got to love the pelican with no head. He may have been the antagonist in the first two films but here, he’s had a 90-degree turnabout.  Okay, so maybe 180 degrees. He wasn’t entirely good and kind and sweet but at least he was no longer out to ‘use’ the chipmunks for his advantage. =)

The songs. I don’t have the songs in my iPod but singing chipmunks while watching them is pleasing to both the ears and the eyes. =)

The not-so-best part of the movie:

The crazy female not-so-villain. I just don’t understand her. :/

The plot. It wasn’t quite developed well and yeah, I guess only the kids would fully appreciate the silliness of some parts of the story. :/

Well, other than the fact that the film was too childish and simplistic, I’d say it’s a good watch even for those who are young at heart. 🙂