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I know, I know. This is more or less a week late. Sorry. Haha! =)

Anyway, I wanted to write a blog post about the recent Christmas season because, really, I think that was the most memorable one I’ve had. And I’ve been celebrating Christmas for like two decades now. =P

There are about four reasons why Christmas 2011 was extra special:

1. The KAT-TUN Birth single I got for my birthday. That alone was enough to make me remember 2011. See my previous post if you want to read more on it. =)

2. My sister’s debut party. We went through a lot of trouble preparing the last 18th birthday celebration in our family and it felt really good knowing that we managed to finish things with a bang. New stuff included our hiring of the photobooth and the mobile bar. I guess there were some guests who went home a bit tipsy. =P

One shot from the photobooth: Me and my older sister, Ate Mickey.

There were some glitches in the program, mostly because we started late.  There were quite a number of guests who came in late due to various reasons. But anyway, the fun went on. =)

The latest debutante was the one on the lower left corner. Her party's theme was Mafia. =)

3. Two of my cousins from London and my aunt came to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas, New Year and my sister’s debut. The bonding times we spent, may it be watching DVDs late at night, drinking Tanduay Ice or going swimming, it was a hell of a two-week vacation. We really hope to spend more time with them and all our other cousins next time. I actually miss them already! =)

My aunt in the middle and my two cousins from London. =)

Taken at the reception area in Canyon Cove, Batangas

Cousins having fun with water. Haha!

4. Our usual Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day celebration with my cousins from the other side of the family: Snoogums Boogums. It really was never a dull experience when I’m with my lifelong best friends. I mean, we practically grew up together. =)

Notice the food on the table. ;P

We spent Christmas in a private pool in Laguna (had a small drinking session with Jam, Ate Ann and Christie), and had a boodle fight; while we spent New Year’s Day in Valenzuela where my lola’s ancestral house was located. It was spent playing mahjong and curling hair. 😉

All in all, this Christmas was worth every memory of it.


I wouldn’t like to forget that I wish for everyone to please spend a short moment for my Lola Pining who suffered from stroke just recently. I do hope she recovers…

On a happier note, it’s my other lola’s birthday. Happy 70th birthday, Lola Clara! =)