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Hello everyone! Allow me a super duper mega late greeting:


If you haven’t noticed yet, I wasn’t able to post updates on my stories in the past 2 (3?) weeks. We had events and visitors, and the Christmas season had been crazy so no set time to write. We were always out of the house and I could only use my iPod Touch to access the net. =(

Anyway, let me break my short hiatus by sharing three more tidbits about APSD. 😉

1. The parents’ names: Vivian and Ian Harlow, as well as Julia and Hubert Cleveland were all thought of spontaneously. That was one part I didn’t bother to plan beforehand so the first ‘suitable’ names that entered my mind were used. Not even a day had passed when I thought of changing Ian’s name to Richard.  However, I decided not to change it anymore, thinking that ‘Ian and Vivian’ sort of match better. Don’t you think? 🙂

2. The diary entries are stuff I thought of myself. They serve as my writing prompts for the story and I try my best that each entry somehow relates to the chapter even if the date was supposedly years ago. My favorite was the one from Chapter Three. 😉

3. Ian will make an appearance in the story, I promise (pinky swear, even). It might turn out to be short, but I’ll do my best to make it as special as I could. =)

Because I just realized that I haven’t posted the temporary cover of APSD here yet. The photo was from inkpop.com mostly because I have no graphic talent. It will still change, don’t worry. =)


Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Graceline Leonido!!! I love you, Mami! =)