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December will always be the most special month of the year for most of us. For me, it’s not only because of the Christmas season but also because the start of the month is the day I get a year older.

Birthdays have a way to bring a lot of different emotions to everyone and this year was different for me because of all the extra happenings that connected to my date of birth.

You see, our family wasn’t only preparing for Christmas, but more so, for my sister’s debut party. My special day (and the days surrounding it) ended up with a mix of stress and happiness and it made me wonder if that was a good thing. To relax, I happened to choose fangirling over my favorite band and anime (aside from writing my fiction stories).

I can’t really say that I’m a dedicated fan of KAT-TUN (fave band in reference to previous statement) but I wish to call myself a ‘hyphen’ just to feel a sense of belonging to the fandom. I have never been a fangirl of anybody (it was always the anime stuff I go gaga about) and so I was surprised myself when on October 24, 2011, I decided that I want to buy at least one original copy of my fave band’s single. Some people may say it’s a waste of money because I can simply download the tracks but there is something very fulfilling in knowing that I contributed to KAT-TUN’s sales (especially now that I’m pretty sure they are managing to retain the #1 spot in Oricon, at least on their 4th day out). =)

I celebrated my birthday just as we usually do. Dine out, liking and saying thanks to birthday greeters in Facebook and relaxing. Before that, however, I have already pre-ordered my birthday gift: KAT-TUN’s single, “Birth”. That was November 8. Come December 3, at 11:46am, I was watching Naruto when my dad suddenly dropped a package on my lap. I wasn’t expecting it yet because YesAsia said that the kind of delivery I chose usually takes 10-14 days after it gets shipped. My email informed me that it was sent on November 29. So imagine my delight when I saw that the package was sent from overseas. =)

I was jumping around the house looking for scissors to carefully open the package. I also made sure to take a photo every time a new wrapper appeared (The package was covered in a lot of plastic plus bubble wrap). =)

The day didn’t end without me watching the DVD and listening to the track. Right now, the single was properly kept just like a treasure. =P

Here are some photos: