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Whoa! I’m almost, almost done with half of A Playgirl’s Secret Diaries! How cool is that? Anyway, since I’ve posted chapter 15 already, that means another set of trivia.*so sorry if you thought Chapter 15 was a bit short*

Anyway, here are three more tidbits about the story I’m writing:

1. The novel is set for 33 chapters excluding the prologue. I write with a tendency to change my mind so there’s a possibility that this might not come true.

2. I’ve been thinking about the ending ever since I finished the story outline and up until now, I still can’t decide whether to put an epilogue or not. I’ll let you guys decide for me once I’ve posted the ending. 😀

3. Rachelle will be ‘attacked’ for a third time and I really hope you watch out for it since it is bound to reveal a lot. And I mean a lot. 🙂

This is supposedly Nick's car. I originally put in Audi TTS Coupe but apparently, I should have put in 'TT RS Coupe'. So sorry.

Anyway guys, I was browsing over the net and found this 10 Most Bizarrely Shaped Lakes and Rivers. So there really are some heart-shaped lakes. One’s supposedly from Korea and the other is found in India. 🙂