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Ikemen desu ne Review Part 1 <—Check this out first, yeah?

Okay, since I already posted a review for the first episode, I’d say this is just going to be a continuation of my thoughts for the rest of Ikemen desu ne–particularly the last episode.

Kill me because I couldn’t seem to remember how You’re Beautiful (the Korean drama that had the original plot) ended. All I remembered was that it ended when TaeKyung gave MiNyeo the necklace. Hehe. So I watched some MVs to remember some scenes. 🙂

Anyway, I preferred IDN’s ending over YB–not only because of the huge venue for that last concert scene but also because it felt more of an ending. I still want more but it didn’t leave me hanging. There’s also something about the way jdoramas end that could make a viewer feel all good and satisfied. (See? I did my best not to put in any spoilers even if you’ve watched YB already)

I liked Fujushiro Shu here than Kang Shin Woo. I think it’s because Fujigaya Taisuke was more convincing. 😛

Now the main characters, Katsuragi Ren and Sakuraba Miko. I love them both and their chemistry was all over the place. I think they gave justice to Hwang TaeKyung and Go MiNyeo’s characters. 🙂

The only scene I felt was lacking in this drama was Yuuki’s bus scene. I would have wanted that scene to be longer and more heartbreaking. I feel that it’s a waste of Yaotome Hikaru’s acting skills.

I must say that I liked Mio and Miko’s aunt here than in YB. The Korean aunt was annoying. Ren’s mom too. She felt more likeable in IDN than in YB. Still a crazy mom but better.

This is the last concert scene I'm talking about.

Overall, I still couldn’t decide which one I like more. It was mostly because the things that lacked in You’re Beautiful was made up for by Ikemen desu ne and vice versa. I would, however, want to re-watch both versions though–this time, I want to do a marathon. Hihi.


Goodness, I want to have Ikemen desu ne’s OST. I really do love the instrumental OSTs of Japanese dramas. 🙂

Oh and yeah! Hurray for Jang Geun Suk’s cameo appearance!!!

*Thanks to Ikemen desu ne tumblr for pics*