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Oh yeah! This post means I’ve finished Chapter 10!!! Hurrah!!!

I think my Wattpad readers are not aware of this particular set of posts and that’s why I made sure to post this is my message board and Twitter account. I also noted it at the end of Chapter 10… 🙂

The fact that you’re reading this definitely meant that you’ve seen my links somewhere. Haha!

And so, without further ado, here are three more trivia about my first-ever major writing project:

1. The setting of the story is originally Inglewood, California and London, England. Apparently, I changed my mind–mostly because I’ve never been to either and I really don’t want to describe places I’ve never even seen. 🙂

2. I fear making technical mistakes about descriptions of places and that made me decide to put my characters in a make-believe setting. I thought of Heartlake City during a brainstorming session by the dining table.

3. Rachelle’s diary supposedly had a name. That was back when the story still had five chapters. She called it ‘Mimi’. I decided not to pursue the ‘named diary’ concept because I felt that it’s too childish and definitely not Rachelle-ish. 🙂

This is the Porsche-Cayman-S-- Liam's car as mentioned in APSD's Chapter 10.

Behind the “Playgirl”: Part 1