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I have always been passionate about food.

That does not mean that I take home food, dip it in wax (or whatever that would make it permanently preserved), and put it on display. That would have been too costly and the effort would be quite taxing.

I do, however, take the time to bring home paper napkins/tissue and/or paper cups from various food establishments. The idea of collecting them started some time in 2008. I always asked my dad why he would bring home tissue paper from our dine-outs (often in bulk) and he would say that he had to store them in the car so that he wouldn’t have to spend extra to buy tissue from the supermarket. We love drive-thrus so we need to have something to wipe our dirty fingers with when we eat in the car. In my case, one piece per design from a restaurant is enough.

At first, everybody thought of my collection as something quite ridiculous. But, it didn’t take everyone long to help me find something to add to my collection. Sometimes, they would even remember me, my tissue albums and my cups when they eat at a certain place that I’ve never been to, and they would keep a piece of the paper napkins and give them to me when we see each other.

I guess I would really love to see every restaurant’s name printed on a paper cup or tissue so that I get to bring home a souvenir after tasting some good food. 😀