I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have a long way to go before I become a full-pledged blogger. This statement is so true and after writing 15 blog posts, I think it’s time I tell you why.

To blog or not to blog?

1. My ideas come at the most bizarre moments. Most of the time, at MIDNIGHT. This is definitely not advisable if you wish to be a blogger at heart. One can’t just come up with an idea and immediately open WordPress in order to make a blog post. And holding onto an idea until you can blog about it is even harder. Honestly, this is also my problem when it comes to writing my academic requirements. This problem is also detrimental to one’s health mostly because it costs you your sleep.

2. I don’t have much patience in writing regularly. I have this habit of doing something very diligently at the start and slowly detaching myself from it as time goes on. In the end, things become unfinished businesses. If I really want to be a blogger, I must always find the motivation to write.

3. In order to write blogs, one needs to read blogs. Sir Barry said this during the lecture on Blogging and Microblogging and it shot me straight to the heart. And that’s another problem. I use the Internet mostly to check my Facebook account and my mail, to watch videos or look for photos. Reading text using any electronic device is my weakness. Thus, I end up avoiding blogs whenever I look for information. I tend to prefer short sentences and opinion which I always find when I browse forums.

4. One needs to be curious, not afraid to try anything and should always explore. As I have said, I do things in a sort of a routine. I go online because I have a purpose. I am not much of the type of person who would go to Google type a word and look over websites. Oftentimes, I found out about a new site only because someone recommended it.

Blogging requires passion and authority

5. For a blog to be effective, it should have a focus. For this particular blog, the focus would be Social Media (as prescribed). But I am sure that if you are to go over my posts, you will find nothing else to connect them except the fact that I have related them all to Social Media. I think that as a blogger, one must be able to decide what range of topics he/she will blog about. Say you like fashion. If so, then your blog must focus on it and should not include topics that are unrelated such as, say medicine. Yes, you could categorize your blog as a personal blog if it does not have a focus, but then, it would be more effective and interesting if it would talk about a certain topic consistently.

do I?

In all the time I have been writing here in WordPress, I have realized that BLOGGING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. You don’t blog just for the heck of it. Blogs are no joke and it takes much effort in order to become an effective blogger. Everyone can write but not everyone can make others want to read what they wrote. And this does not only apply to individual bloggers. Companies who have put up their own corporate blogs must take into consideration that they made a blog site not to catch up with the blogging fever but because they have messages which they need to share to the world. And it doesn’t stop there. As what my professor in my Social Media class said, a blog is not a strategy, it is a tool to effectively implement your strategy.