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I am not much of an active netizen but one thing I love most about being online is having an access to a lot of things. And mostly because of a simple web account easily obtained through free registration. Oftentimes, I find myself looking for information, news, updates and downloadables (is this even a word?) that is so hard to find in the official websites because they deem it (whatever it is that I am looking for) as a sort of a trade secret. So where do I go? *drumroll* I go to FORUMS and browse the contents. πŸ˜€

My favorite among all those forums is PinoyExchange or better known as PEx. It was established in 1999 and so far, it has 393,228 users. For more information about the site itself, you can visit this page. πŸ˜€

In PEx, there are about 27 topics you can choose from which ranges from entertainment to sports to food to anything and everything under the sun. from these topics, you can choose from hundreds of threads all of which just might contain the information you are looking for. And in most of my cases, this is true whether it is about my favorite international dramas, actors, or links. If I don’t find the exact thing I’m looking for then information about where to find it is there.

In all honesty, this is the reason why I love browsing this forum site. Aside from the fact that the people in forums (especially the fanatics) are good and oftentimes credible sources of information, the site provides all sorts of possibilities for anyone even non-members. I just recently registered to be a member but I have been browsing the forums for years already. It just takes patience and a lot of determination to find what you want. It also helps if you search your keyword over on Google together with the word “pinoyexchange” just to make things easier.

Being a member also gives you the chance to react to the threads or add information to share to your fellow fans. If you have interests that do not match your friends’ interests, then these threads in PinoyExchange are good places to find people who can be as enthusiastic as you. Just like a real community or organization, forums are made up of people with the same interests or purpose. These people collaborate in order to come up with a database of information about the things they all equally like. And just like communities in the real world, these online communities also a huge tendency to increase in the number of members simply because as members of the community, they are committed to do their best to share and promote the group they have built.