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Have you ever tried shopping online? I haven’t. But I’m starting to see exactly why more and more people prefer to shop online than in malls. Just a few days ago, SM Mall of Asia had this 3-day sale on almost all of their shops and boutiques. And because it’s SALE, one would expect that people would come rushing to avail of all the possible discounts. I was one of those people who went there during the sale.


Yes, I managed to buy things with discounts-well, what do you expect? I was there on ALL three days of the sale. Shopper much? Hell, no. I was there to save money. I meet with my mom and dad so I could ride the car instead of the public transportation in order to go home.  Unfortunately, my mom and my sister who was with us on the last two days of the sale, are avid shoppers. And so, in the end, I had to go with them to check out every store, I had to (violently) brush shoulders with other shoppers, and endure the heat because the mall’s airconditioning units could no longer provide enough cool air due to the amount of people walking around the mall. In short, the mall was like Divisoria during all those days.

For a non-shopaholic like me (I am more of a purposive though sometimes, an impulsive shopper), having to go through all that just for a few items is close to experiencing hell. This might be an exaggeration but hey, I am entitled to that. You weren’t there at that time.

This experience gave me the thought of listing out the reasons why online shopping deserves some merit:

1. You don’t have to walk for hours. This is the most irritating and frustrating thing about shopping. You end up with sore feet after entering from one store to another and you end up buying just one shirt. All that effort for just one shirt. What a waste. Had you gone shopping online, all you have to do is browse the Internet for online shops and look for whatever it is you might like. This saves you the effort especially if you don’t really have any idea yet of what it is you want to buy.

2. You don’t have to spend for transportation or restaurant food. And this is simply because you get to stay at home in front of your laptop or computer.

Fashione Hub: An Example of an online shop in Multiply

3. You don’t have to wait for a sale. Online shops tend to attach lower prices on their products. I think this is because they don’t have to pay for the space they would occupy, unlike those shops that has to rent for a space in malls. In the case of online shops, a simple account in Multiply is all they need. In fact, even you could establish your own online shop by signing up.

4. You don’t have to waste time looking for the shop or item you want to buy because you can simply search for it in Google or in the home pages of online shops like ebay or Amazon. Even established businesses has put up an online store for those who prefer shopping online. National Bookstore’s online store is an example. You can check out this store first to see if the book you are looking for is available before you actually go to the branch nearest you. Or you can purchase the book/s straight through the Internet.

5. You can multitask. You can check your emails, Facebook, Twitter or other SNS updates, watch the television, and do a host of other things while browsing online shops.

I am not suggesting that you turn into a recluse and not go out of your house simply because there are online shops available. What I am saying is that these site are good alternatives especially if you are the type who goes to malls prepared to buy something but has no idea what. Checking online shops could work for you simply because it saves you time, money and energy.And of course, when you shop online, you don’t have to go through this:

This probably doesn’t apply to everybody, though. I know there are some of you who loves an actual window shopping and likes going to malls, if only for the aircon. 😀