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I never would have blogged about anything if not for our Social Media class (OC152). Honestly, I’ve never had the patience to write anything regularly. But then, despite the fact that I am not a blogger at heart, I can say that there are some things that make blogging quite worth the while.

First, blogging means having another avenue for which you can tell everybody who you are, where your interest lies, what you do, or even who your friends are. Blogging, just like social networking, is a way for you to leave your “digital footprints”. This is a good way to go about your life as a user of the World Wide Web considering that there definitely would be a lot of people who might want to know about you. One very good example of these people would be your future employer. Who knows, a certain blog entry you did just might land you your dream job.

Second, where best can you vent out your thoughts if not through blog posts? Aside from the fact that you help the environment since you’re no longer using paper for your thoughts, ideas and feelings, you also get to assure yourself that your posts would never be lost. We know that nothing in the Internet ever gets permanently removed or deleted after all. Also, it is easier to organize because you only need to write your posts in one site. Back when you were still using your diaries, I’m pretty sure that you used more than one notebook and that some of them got lost somewhere at home.

Third, you get to meet a lot of other people who are also bloggers. Thus, you get to expand your networks. Also, you get to know people who actually have the same interests as you. I mean, you wouldn’t read a blog post that talks about politics if you don’t like it, would you?

Fourth, and probably the best thing about blogging, you get a chance to be monitored by PR agencies or other companies who just might find your posts relevant and in the end invite you to blogger events as well as give you freebies in exchange for your well-meaning blog posts. As what I have experienced in my OJT in Geiser Maclang, once you have already established yourself as a blogger (earned consistent readership, for example), you get to be a part of their list of bloggers to be invited for events that would promote their clients. If you do your part and made blog posts about the events you were invited to, you get to be constantly connected to the PR agency and from then on, you would get freebies and invites to every event possible.

Knowing that I’ll get gifts and stuff just by writing about Krispy Kreme, Toblerone, or any other product made me want to actually become a full-pledged blogger. But I guess I have a long way to go. πŸ˜€