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It’s amazing what one can do for an organization. What’s even more amazing is if what you’re doing is actually for a Non-Government Organization (NGO). More than businesses, I think that NGOs are the ones whose messages need to be delivered with the right strategies. Why? It is because the effectiveness of the message rely more on how creative and impacting the delivery is. I mean, these kinds of organizations are those that are practically non-profitable and they usually depend on donations and voluntary support from people who believe in their advocacy. And when it comes to telling everybody who you are, what you do, what people can do to help, I’m pretty sure you need funds.

Because of this idea, I feel elated that in some ways, our group in OC152, composed of myself, Marj Casal, Patricia Sy, Anne San Pedro, Jerick Olpindo and Jeca Maralit, is able to contribute in sharing the message and advocacy of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a shelter for homeless animals. We encourage you to watch this video we have created and be inspired to Adopt a pet, Volunteer, or Donate to PAWS. Feel free to share the link to your online friends who love pets as much as we do. 😀

We love you. But these pets would love you even more if you share this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTLX3L28eWY

For more information about PAWS, please visit their site here.

Thanks for watching!!!