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One of the things that got me hooked on the Internet is the video-sharing website, more commonly known to us as YouTube.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to create an account for you to be able to watch the videos in that particular website. I get to watch anime, drama series, music videos or video tributes without giving any information about myself. For someone as impatient as I am, I wanted to watch foreign drama series or anime continuously—without the TV commercials. Oh, and definitely without waiting for 24 hours before I get to watch what happened next.

However, as time went by, I am no longer content with just watching videos. I wanted to comment, or subscribe to uploaders’ channels. And so, I decided to create my account. From then on, I get to watch videos and give my ideas to the uploaders and most of all to thank them for making those videos available online. And of course, I get to upload videos as well.

I am not one of those who upload lots of videos in my channel. Honestly speaking, I upload videos that are only relevant to select group of people, particularly, my friends. But then, YouTube users aren’t all like me. There are some who use this site to express themselves and share their talents. Some of them, as we now know, have even become “YouTube Sensations”.

My favorite among them would probably be Marie Digby. At first, I didn’t even know that she became popular because of YouTube. It was her acoustic version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” that caught everybody’s attention. I originally thought she was some talent in a big music company whose songs were made available in YouTube because she has so many fans. Who would’ve thought that it was actually through YouTube that she gained all of those fans? If she had not put up videos of herself singing, I wonder how fast she’d become famous considering the competition. I mean, if it’s all the traditional way of promoting a singer, then how is she different from all those other singers these days? Anyway, here’s a video of “Miss Invisible”, my favorite among her songs:

Another singer who’s slowly gaining popularity in YouTube and among my friends would be Gabe Bondoc. He’s a Filipino but he lives San Mateo, California. He hasn’t been signed up with any recording studio which makes him all the more reachable in YouTube. Aside from the fact that he somehow makes me proud being a Filipino, I must say that he really has a beautiful voice and writes beautiful songs. Thanks, Gem Mancilla for introducing him to me. 😀 Here’s his version of Keyshia Cole’s “I Remember”:

In all possible ways, YouTube has given all of us equal opportunity to showcase our talents and abilities. Today, it is not only the big studios like Hollywood who can make someone popular. As proven by my two examples, it is pretty much obvious that we can actually make ourselves famous with just a YouTube account.

This proves that the rise of Social Media has erased the notion that only the people who dominate traditional media are the ones who can create or produce songs, movies, dances or whatever product which would be a sure hit. With Social Media, we can connect to millions of people and share whatever we can. If we prove to have something great to offer and if many people end up liking what we have shared, we definitely don’t need Hollywood or Sony BMG to make ourselves stars. In this day and age, we are no longer just recipients of whatever other people feed us, but we can also be the ones giving them something to taste and savor.