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Fast Facts

If you would remember in one of my previous posts, the Philippines actually have about 24 million Internet users as reported by Internet World Stats.

And out of that 24 million netizens, about 15 million use Facebook. This is according to statistics monitored by Candytech and published in their website, Facebakers.com. The numbers are determined by country and the information could be found here.

However, despite the fact that there are only 15 million Facebook users, it is noticeable that the Philippines ranks 8th, with 63.69 % penetration to the online population, in their list when it comes to the most number of users. There is only 16.92%, however, when it comes to penetration to the overall population of our country.

Through these numbers, we can easily realize that Facebook has become the most popular website in our country. This is also the conclusion of the Web Information Company, Alexa.com.

Facebook everywhere

These days, almost every person who has access online, also has an account in Facebook. If you want to be connected to everybody else, Facebook is the answer to your question. According to Candytech, there are 483, 194, 020 Facebook users worldwide. Imagine being able to connect to ALL of them. Quite overwhelming, right?

Too much Facebook?

However, do these numbers really mean that we have been putting too much focus and attention to this particular social network site? Have we been speaking about Facebook in a hyperbolic way? Note that there are only about 15 million Facebook users in the country. We keep on saying that Facebook has nearly become a necessity for every modern Filipino. But we must also remember that the number of people who have Internet access is less than half of our country’s entire population.

If we think about it, the reason of being connected to everybody is not achieved by having hundreds of friends in Facebook because, as what we have established, there are still quite a few Facecook users compared to the entire population of more than 80 million. I think it is still important that we do not forget the use of traditional media, the telephone and cellular phones when it comes to being connected. And if it is relationships we want, face-to-face communication is still the best course of action.

The rise of Facebook

Of course, we cannot underestimate the data that was just presented. There are millions of Facebook users and being connected with all these people is as simple as sending an online friend request. If we want to expand our networks and we do not want to go through the process of chance meetings, friendly introductions or the like, Facebook and other social network sites are the easiest ways to do it. Facebook’s staggering 63.69% penetration to the online penetration tells us that the number of people becoming more accessible online is increasing faster than we think. Even organizations and traditional media have started to make use of the SNS. Sooner or later, the rest of the country would be connected online.


To answer the question, I could say that Facebook is overrated if only because I think this is the same phenomenon as what happened to Friendster. Just a few years back, a Friendster account is the necessary online tool for everybody. And then came Facebook, and everyone decided that it is cooler so they migrated. Also, numbers tell us that it is still too early to declare Facebook as the ultimate social networking tool. But then again, the rapid rise of its users is an indication that the social networking site is not far from reaching the reputation we have attached to it.

Thank you to Tonyo Cruz and his article, “The Philippines’ social media, internetand mobile statistics” : http://tonyocruz.com/?p=2866