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No, I don’t have a boyfriend online. 😛

However, I can say that one of the best things about Facebook, blogs or any social network site is that you get to be connected with whoever you want to as long as that person is available online.

Right now, there is one big thing (aside from graduation) that I am excited about. It’s the movie adaptation of one of my favorite book series right now—Vampire Academy, written by Richelle Mead. I know, I know. Everyone’s raving about the Twilight Saga movies and some people have decided that we’re having way too many vampires in our world today. However, I simply cannot be excited about this project. The books tell us the story of Rose Hathaway, a dhampir, and her battles for friendship and love. Check Richelle Mead’s website, Facebook fanpage and blog for more information about the books. The series is yet to end so I suggest you go ahead and try reading it so you could share the excitement in waiting for the final book, The Last Sacrifice, to be released in December. 😀

I fell in love with this series because of my friend, Gem Mancilla. She kept telling me (face-to-face and online) to read it and in the end, I was not able to resist it. Soon enough, I bought the first four books and liked Richelle Mead’s fanpage in Facebook.

Well, this goes to show that since I “became a fan”, every time I open my Facebook account, I never forget to check the fanpage for updates about Richelle Mead and the VA (Vampire Academy) series. Sometimes, I “like” her posts and in one time or another, I comment on her status messages or links. It was just so good to know straight from the author herself the things every fan wants to know. And since I also happen to be one of those fans wishing for a movie adaptation of the series, the best news so far is the fact that my wish is about to come true! There will be a VA movie and there is an official Facebook fanpage! Of course you know what I did after knowing this. 😀

The fanpage is operated by Preger Entertainment, the production company that bought the rights for the movie. What’s so good about the fanpage is the fact that they decided to open it up to the fans before they push through with the rest of whatever plans they have. When it was publicized in Richelle’s fanpage, only Preger Entertainment was final. And then, they welcomed the producer, Don Murphy, to their team. However, the studio, the cast, the set, and everything else, are yet to be decided upon. And since that is the situation, it is through this page that fans like me get to give their opinions on who we think would best portray Rose, Dimitri (her love interest), Lissa (her best friend) and the rest of the characters. We also get to give ideas on where to shoot the movie, which people to tap for the production, etc, etc. They are also very accommodating to fans’ queries and would respond as soon as they can. They give updates every now and then to make sure that our enthusiasm are maintained and that we get facts instead of merely false hopes and information. They also push us to participate in discussions and spread the word about the movie.

This move on the part of Richelle and Preger Entertainment is brilliant indeed because they opened up their project to us, the fans, who, in the end, are the people who will actually buy the tickets and watch the movie. By letting us take part in the process, they have encouraged us to promote their project thus, further expanding their market and in the end, making sure that they gain profit. It gave us the feeling that they value our opinions as fans. This move has eliminated the barriers between producers and consumers thus creating a sort of “relationship” between the two. We give them our opinions and they try their best to act on it. They have proven that Social Media has also opened the world of film and entertainment to the moviegoers who are not necessarily specialists in filmmaking. They have realized that in our world today, products, services and projects could no longer be done without paying attention to the opinions they can derive from people outside their organization or specialization. And the best way to get these ideas is through the use of Social Media.