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More than anything else, we love telling and hearing stories. If anything, I think it is one of the reasons why people decided that they should have symbols to represent whatever ideas they have in mind. In this day and age, the best way we can tell whatever story we want to share is through the World Wide Web.

For a requirement in our subject, OrCom 152, we have been tasked to create a one-minute viral video. We have to tell a story in one minute. What’s so hard about that? First off, my groupmates and I don’t really have the same schedules. So what do we do? We send messages to each other through SMS and Facebook so we could schedule our meetings and brainstorming sessions.

However, after several failed attempts to execute our ideas for an effective viral video, we have decided that the best way our group would be able to do this task is by utilizing the skills of each member of the group. Some of us would offer their brilliant ideas, some would write the script and the story, one of us shall do the drawings and another will do the editing.

In the end, we settled to create a video that tackles one of the latest issues in our country today. The importance of Sex Education and Family Planning. But how are we going to be different than the way most people attack the issue? We decided to make something simple, cute, and easily understandable. We asked ourselves: Why don’t we use a children’s story to tell something that is considered for adults only? And who else can we tap other than the ever-beautiful and oh-so-lovely Cinderella? We’ve always thought that her story is cute and wonderful and that her happy ending is certainly one of those stories that made our childhood days magical. But what if we tell you that just like any married couple, Cinderella and Prince Charming need to plan their married life? And so, the story begins… Or rather, the beginning of Cinderella’s happily ever after begins… 😀

Of course, since the assignment is to make a VIRAL video, we have to make sure that people would actually watch and share it. First, our group decided that the best way to start is to upload the video in YouTube. And since I have the final copy and I have a YouTube account, this initial task was assigned to me. And so, not only did I post it, but, as what we have agreed upon during those meetings via face-to-face or Facebook, I also made it a video response to one of the most watched Cinderella videos in YouTube.

Aside from this, there’s Facebook. There is always Facebook. If you need to spread anything in the Internet, use Social Networking Sites. And of course, asking the help of friends and other people was also helpful in making the video viral. Their opinions matter too and they deserve to watch a video that would not only entertain them but would also make them think. We do hope that we are able to do so through the video.

I hope you would take the time to watch it, rate it, comment on it and make us know you appreciate our efforts! Have fun! 😀